Recent dedications from our Patrons

"We are honored to support families in need through the Barnardos Gifts for Kids campaign"

Active Kids, Bondi, NSW

"In dedication to Alison Anne Barber, the most kind, caring and compassionate human being. Thank you for instilling these qualities in me. It is my hope to share and spread love as often as I can. Merry Christmas everybody and thank you"

Alicia, QLD

"For children who are in hospital over Christmas, we hope this brings some joy!"

Amir's Family and Carers, SA

We are honoured to have this opportunity to support children in need. Hope these toys will bring them a happy and merry Christmas

Amphis, VIC

"Wishing all the children under Bernardos fine care a joyful and Happy Christmas"

Andersen Partnership, NSW

I hope the children receiving these gifts get some of the joy that I got over Christmas when I was growing up.

Andra-Leigh, QLD

"For all those less fortunate I dedicate my donation"

Andrew Baxster, NSW

"For my children and grand children"

Anonymous, WA

"For the great work Barnardos does helping others"

Anonymous, NSW

"You guys are like angels sent from heaven! Thank you!"

Anonymous, TAS

"With love to all may this little bit of joy brighten some lives & is a little candle for each of our parents at this time of the festive season"

Anonymous, VIC

"I'm so happy that I was able to donate 3 toys to 3 children for Christmas. You having this available online made it easier for me to do this"

Anonymous, NSW

“We dedicate our donation to all the amazing nurses who’ve gone above and beyond this year!”

Anonymous, NSW

"Please do consider giving to this fantastic charity to help a child in need this Christmas! They do amazing work"

Anonymous, Singapore

"For my children (living and past) and grand children"

Anonymous, VIC

"Dedicated to the memory and generosity of Joyce McGrath"

Anonymous, VIC

"Wishing all children and their families a very Merry Christmas and New Year and enjoy your gifts"

Anonymous, VIC

“On behalf of my grandchildren. Hope children everywhere have a wonderful Christmas“

Anonymous, NSW

"Wish all the children a merry & joyous Christmas. These gifts are in honour of my little baby who spent a lot of time in hospitals just like these children"

Anonymous, NSW

"From the child in me to you: Here's hoping that these gifts bring joy to the kids who receive them. My only request is that one day the joy they bring gets paid forward. Merry Christmas."

Anonymous, SA

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"

Anonymous, QLD

"In honour of my parents who would always give back to children who had less than themselves, even though they were from poor, humble beginnings"

Anonymous, VIC

"May the Lord Jesus Christ bless these beautiful children with so much joy through this donation and bless this wonderful organization for allowing us to contribute in their lives".

Anonymous, NSW

For all the heartkids either in hospital or back at home, I hope my gifts can bring some joy at Christmas

Anonymous, NSW

“Christmas gifts for Rural Aussie Kids donated in loving memory of Mick Ryan, who spent his life helping others.”

Anonymous, VIC

"A blessed Christmas to you, I hope these toys bring you some happiness over the Christmas period and beyond."

Anonymous, NSW

“ For those in need from those who are fortunate in so many ways. If we all think first of others and give a little it can make such a difference, especially to those we will never meet. That is what living in a fair and caring community means to me .”

Anonymous, QLD

"With gratitude to the hard work of the Barnardos team"

Antionette Moree, NSW

"On behalf of Jeff, Susan & Maureen"

Aunt Bessy, NSW

"Inspired by the kindness of Kim Taehyung and made possible by his generous fans. Happy 27th birthday Taehyung!"

Australia4Taehyung, Australia Wide

"we can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"

Brett Elliott, QLD

"We dedicate our donation to all the nameless faces , the volunteers , the people whom , without the selfless dedication none off this could happen"

Chris & Maggie Fitzgerald, VIC

For everyone doing it tough, you are loved and we are here for you.

Christopher Barnes, NSW

"Inspiring my children to become givers"

Columbia, NSW

"It is an absolute pleasure to support the Salvation Army and their efforts to give to those in need."

Dell Technologies, Australia wide

"In memory of my dear Aunt Wendy and Uncle Joe"

Denisee, VIC

"To help bring smiles to those who need"

Felix, QLD

"We are honoured to support children in need through the Puddle Jumpers Christmas campaign"

Fentons Conveyancing, SA

"For the wonderful supportive community I live in"

Fiona S, QLD

"Firequip is proud to be a part of Barnardo's "Gifts for Kids' Appeal and helping to make a difference and provide kids with the 'Christmas Experience' they might not otherwise have".

Firequip, NSW

"Dedicated to Harry on his 50th birthday"

From your Dear Wife, WA

"I want to bring happiness & joy to children at Christmas & to know I am making a difference to the lives of the children who receive my gifts.. especially those children in isolated outback towns in let them know they are loved"

Graeme Mc Dermott, STH WEST VIC

"For bringing happiness to Christmas for thousands of children out there"

Healthy Kids Association, NSW

“We hope these gifts can generate smiles and loving memories.”

Healthy Kids Association, NSW

"Hillrom for Humanity"

Hillrom, Australia wide

"Thank you for the opportunity to support the amazing work Barnardos does. Hoping these gifts bring a smile to some little faces this Christmas"

Jocelyn Thorneloe, NSW

“Dedicated to my mother who passed away April 2023”

Kate, NSW

"With thanks and gratitude to the Barnardos team"

Kelli, ACT

"Dedicated to Bruce"

Kerri, NSW

“Our gift is dedicated to Barnardos and the extraordinary work they do brightening the day of others

Leanne, Poppy and David, NSW

“A heartfelt thank you to the hard working teams at Simply Giving and Vinnies for helping to bring joy and Christmas cheer to children in need of a little compassion. Please know you’re making a difference and we’re grateful for your continuing efforts.”

Liam Whelan, VIC

"I hope that my small donation can be used to bring a smile to the kids of families that are struggling at the moment, Life is always full of ups and downs but remember to pay it forward when you can"

Linda, NSW

"Narang Bir-rong, thankyou for the work you do and giving us the opportunity to contribute to your wonderful organisation, it feels rewarding to know that we will be putting a smile on these children’s faces"

Lisa Triccas, NSW

"Giving courage to kids out there fighting cancer"

Louise Swill, VIC

It is an absolute pleasure of mine to make this contribution towards children doing it tough in hospital over the holiday period. I thank Simply Giving for allowing individuals to make a significant difference to the spirit and morale of children.

Lucas & Sienna Goro, NSW

"We have so much to be thankful this challenging year so thank you for the opportunity to put smiles on children who need the Christmas cheer"

Margaret Ng, Singapore

"We hope that our small donation can be used to bring a smile to a child's face for Christmas and they feel loved despite what they are going through. God bless and much love"

Mari & Joe, NSW

"We would like to dedicate our donation for my wife's 30th birthday and our recent visit to the hospital where we wanted to brighten up the day for the sick children in hospital"

Mari & Joe, NSW

"Wishing joy and happiness to all those in need this Christmas. Thank you to Barnardos for facilitating such a worthy and needed cause"

McCullough Robertson Lawyers Sydney, NSW

We are donating the funds of a cash prize won during an internal work exercise to this worthy cause - everyone deserves some joy at this time of year.

Metro Trains Sydney staff - Hackathon team, NSW

"It's a little gesture that we hope brings joy to kids at Christmas. We love what the Salvation Army do for people and take pleasure in knowing that this can help the Salvos do what they do best."

Neil & Maria at DDG Technology, VIC

"To help bring smiles and laughter to children and young people in need during the festive period"

ORAFOL Australia, Australia Wide

"Wishing happiness to those in need"

Pip, Bec and Kath, ACT

In loving memory of my grandma marie who passed away this year at age of 92 She always encouraged us when are able to, help the community through meaningful ways. And the work of Barnardo's certainly does that.

Ranui, NSW

"In memory of my Grandparents Liz & Thomas who taught me about life, giving and helping others Wishing the children receiving the gifts wonderful Christmas & Holidays"

Ranui Brown, NSW

"Helping supporting families in need, may they have a magical christmas"

Renee O'Brien, NSW

"In honor of the amazing volunteers at Variety NSW"

Rose, NSW

"A gift in memory of my beautiful son Nathan Weckert. To share some happiness and joy for a child in need at Christmas time"

Shannon Dodson, QLD

"In honour of RFS firefighters"

Simone, QLD

"We are proud to support the amazing work done by Hobart City Mission, and we are immensely grateful for their ongoing commitment to Tasmanians in need."

Sing For Your Life! Choir, Tasmania

“Thank you to the team at Adelaide Women’s & Children’s Hospital for the amazing care you provide. On behalf of Sophie M, we’re thrilled to donate these toys to children in need.”

Snoop’s family and friends, Australia wide, AUS

"Thank you Simply Giving and our local charities for helping us spread joy (and toys) to children this holiday season. "

Sparke Helmore Lawyers, NSW, SA, QLD, VIC & WA

"To support Spe and the crew at Strength Social in their Toy Drive, to make Christmas a little brighter for others"

Susie, South Korea

"Proudly supporting the Barnardos Foundation’s Simply Giving Toy Drive and bringing some joy to children and families across Australia and New Zealand."

Tata Consultancy Services, Australia

"We are honoured to support kids in need this Christmas, through the Barnardos Gifts for Kids campaign. We hope these gifts bring a little love, light and joy this Christmas"

The BAC Insurance family, NSW

"Thank you to the kind hearts that take the time to connect the community with this initiative and what is sure to be great effort, and to the children that deserve to smile on Christmas day, we hope you all have a safe and happy christmas"

The Bull Family, VIC

"In memory of our much-loved and always missed little son Jono"

The Cohen family, QLD

"Everyone deserves a magical Christmas"

The Maritime Union of Australia, Australia Wide

"Wishing all the families who benefit from OzChild's Wishing Tree a safe and happy Christmas"

Total Claims Solutions, VIC

"In the memory of my father who passed away this year and my very active 11 month old daughter Abigail"

Walter and Melanie Turner, VIC

"We hope to bring as many smiles to Children at Starlight Foundation as we can this Christmas"

Wilson Transformer Staff, VIC

"We're extremely happy to give our ongoing support to organisations such as OzChild, who make such a difference in children's lives"

Windsor Management Insurance Brokers, VIC

"We would like to wish all the amazing children at Barnardos a merry Christmas and a happy New year!! "

Women’s forum ( Sydney Malayalee Association ), NSW

“ Hoping to bring the smiles to little ones in this festive season. ”

Zoran & Jadranka, NSW

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